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Marca garantía Halal


The Halal certification is a document issued by the Muslim community in our country, which proves that the products, services and food are accepted by the Muslim religion.

This certification was born as a consequence of a Cooperation Agreement in 1992, between the Spanish entities and the representatives of the religions of Notorious Roots in the Spanish State (Law 26/92, B.O.E. 12/11/92). (

In order to regulate, control and certify, the Islamic Board establishes the Halal Institute, which issues the certificate, provided that the requirements are met.

What does halal mean?

The word Halal means “permitted, authorised, healthy, ethical or non-abusive”. The opposite is called Haram.

For a food to be considered Halal, it must conform to the Islamic rules contained in the Qur’an, the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad, the teachings of Islamic jurists and the rules of the country in which they are issued.

There are a number of rules:

  • The wine must be produced and stored using tools and machinery that comply with Islamic regulations and the Spanish, EU and international health standards of the country of destination.
  • It must not come into contact with any substance or element considered to be Haram, at any time during processing, storage or transport.
  • It must not contain any alcohol, toxic or poisonous substances, nor contain intoxicating plants.
  • The additives E-422, E-441, E-470 to E-483 and E-542 are not allowed, and the additive E-120 must never exceed 0.006% of the total product.
  • Ingredients must be totally recognisable, and the time and form of origin must be known.
  • Wines must not contain fermented grapes at any time.
  • Still wines must contain a juice with less sugars.
  • Sparkling wine must be a gasified juice.

When can the halal certificatION label be used?

Before using the label provided by the Halal Institute, our wines must undergo a thorough analysis to prove that they do not contain any traces of DNA of substances considered Haram. This process is carried out in laboratories with personnel authorised by the Halal Institute.

A representative of the Halal Institute must also certify that the quality and production systems in our company meet Halal standards. They also check the traceability of all wines that will bear the Halal label.

When labelling our wines, they must have the company’s registration number, provided by the Halal Institute, and the customer service telephone number must also be provided.

How long is it?

Certification is time-limited, and the Halal Institute may make regular inspections to verify compliance with the regulations. The entities accredited by ENAC will carry out the inspections, which are carried out annually.

Bodegas Fernando Castro has a Halal Procedures Manual, where all the processes in the elaboration of our wines are detailed. Representatives of the Halal Institute supervise and approve this manual.

In addition, we send quarterly data regarding the production control books, raw material inputs and outputs of processed products, and the Quarterly Sales Declaration.

Why is the Halal Certification important?

Halal certification is important for the Muslim community. It ensures a correct use of resources, is respectful to their religion and Islamic symbols.

The Muslim religion consist of more than 1.8 billion people worldwide, and represents one of the most important religions.

Having the Halal certification means that Bodegas Fernando Castro respects the Muslim community and that the production of our wines meets their expectations regarding their way of life.

You can find more information about Halal institute in its oficial website.

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