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Discover the Unique Enchantment of the New Viña Lastra Blanc de Noir

Discover the Unique Enchantment of the New Viña Lastra Blanc de Noir

In the world of wine, innovation and creativity are the keys to surprise the most demanding palates. That is why Bodegas Fernando Castro is proud to present their latest treasure: Viña Lastra Blanc de Noir. Get ready to immerse yourself in a wine experience like no other.


Viña Lastra Blanc de Noir is a unique expression of the winemaking expertise and richness of our vineyards. Made from carefully selected red grapes, this white wine captivates with its freshness and elegant complexity. Each sip is an invitation to explore a range of flavours and aromas that unfold on the palate. Viña Lastra Blanc de Noir reveals a pleasant structure and a balanced acidity that brings liveliness and depth.


Feel invited to join them in celebrating the launch of this exceptional wine.

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