The wine industry is still in full transformation

Vino en lata Fernando Castro

Especially for unquestioned issues during centuries, such as the packaging of wine. New proposals have recently become part of the consumer’s daily life, such as Bag In Box. Nowadays, due to an ever younger stream of buyers demanding new alternatives, wine packaging is undergoing a real revolution with the arrival of cans. Cans proposal has arrived to stay, as announced, for example, in 2019 by ProWein wine fair in Dusseldorf (Germany), one of the most prominent in the wine sector. This event tends to forecast market trends with great success, highlighting three phenomena in its latest edition:
1. The cultivation of vineyards at high altitude to avoid the consequences of desertification.
2. The timing unification for grape varieties grown, harvested and vinified at the same time.
3. And the heyday of canned wine.
This boom is undoubtedly due to various factors or advantages that producers need to broadcast. On the one hand, one of the reasons in favor of cans is the environmental one, since aluminum is infinitely recyclable, while the glass of bottles is more complex. On the other hand, wine in cans does not need glasses or corkscrews, which means that its consumption is more flexible anywhere and at any time. The 25 cl. format of our cans is ideal to transport and storage, avoiding the wine oxidation thanks to its immediate consumption.
Catch Wine & Go red and white are both light, fresh and easy to drink wines. The white blend stands out for fruity aromas with citric touches, with a balanced acidity that makes its consumption very pleasant, especially if it is drunk very cold. The red blend has strong aromas of red and black fruits, recommending its consumption at 14 – 16 °C. Both will become the perfect companion for your picnics and excursions, during beach time or enjoy a concert.

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