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and presents a carbon dioxide offset and absorption project


Bodegas Fernando Castro is increasingly committed to the fight against climate change.

This proposal for the “carbon footprint and commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”, promoted by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, was created with a dual purpose. On the one hand, organizations can easily demonstrate their participation in the registry and, on the other hand, it makes possible to reflect the degree of effort undertaken by them in the fight against climate change.
The seal, therefore, allows the identification, for a defined period (which will be annual), of three levels of participation: carbon footprint calculation, reduction and/or offsetting.
Bodegas Fernando Castro has registered in the first phase of this certification that allows the calculation of its carbon footprint for the year 2020, and has defined the path to reduce its emissions with specific reduction commitments. These calculations are reviewed and validated by MAGRAMA.
This calculation includes the activities of cultivation, winemaking, bottling, storage, commercial and administrative management carried out in all the facilities and vineyards in Santa Cruz de Mudela, Valdepeñas, Moral de Calatrava and Torrenueva (Ciudad Real).
At every step, the winery approaches practices that improve Spain’s sink capacity and the sustainability of its products.

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