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3 new medals at the International Organic Awards 2021 and 1 more at the Best Wine in Box contest

quomo organic premiado Best Wine in Box
vinos premiados international organic awards 2021

Our firm has achieved two gold medals for Mar de Flores organic syrah and Club Capitan organic red wine; and silver one for Club Capitán organic white wine. The successful Mar de Flores wine stands out due to its aromas of black fruits with balsamic notes, which make it ideal for rice, salads or smoked dishes. Club Capitán organic red wine highlights for its intensity, which makes it a wine with body and structure, great flavor and persistence on mouth. On the other hand, Club Capitán organic white wine is distinguishable by its paleness and a powerful aroma, with notes of wild herbs.
The International Organic Awards are a European reference in terms of organic wines. The jury members are mainly buyers from import and distribution companies. Although some members can also be specialized journalists or experts in wines, spirits, and specifically in organic products. Its mission is to rate each product from 0 to 5, with favorable criteria to products adapted to the Organic Market. Fernando Castro, general manager at the cellar remarks “there is no doubt that organic and vegan products are achieving a higher market share day after day, so starting to stand out in this market makes us feel very proud.”
Another packing format in which the cellar is betting the most in recent years is, with no doubt, the Bag in Box. Quomo organic white wine, a verdejo-moscato coupage, has brought great joy with the medal received in Toulouse during the International Wine in Box 2021. Quomo is a complex wine on nose, with a powerful aroma, in which citrus fruits, candied fruits and fresh grass stand out. Undoubtedly, the jury should have been guided by the freshness and balanced sweetness that persist on mouth.
The innovative concept of this contest involves tasting wines directly from the BIB packing and choosing the best ones, hence the award becomes the “Best Wine in Box”. This international competition is the only one dedicated to BIB format, which rarely appear in wine tastings, and only award with gold medals. Wines are tasted by category and blindly by a jury of experienced professionals and amateurs, with no distinction of price or design.

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