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The latest editions of these international competitions have left a great result in our house, highlighting the “Best of Valdepeñas” received in the Mundus Vini spring tasting. 

The MUNDUS VINI International Wine Contest is currently one of the most important wine competitions in Germany and the entire world, which is proven by the large number of wines presented in each edition. Recently, the 2022 spring tasting has been held, and we can announce that we are very satisfied after achieving 4 medals: 2 have been gold medals for our Gran Villa and Marqués de Arragón tempranillos D.O. Valdepeñas; and 2 have been silver for El Carisma and Gran Videva tempranillos, D.O. Cariñena and D.O.P. Rioja respectively. In the case of the golden metals, the flavors of cherry and red fruits, accompanied by a good and harmonious body, have been the determining factors in deciding the score. The jury in charge of determining these recognitions was made up of 300 international specialists in this 30th edition, high-level experts in fields such as distribution, hostelry or production. It is also noteworthy that Marqués de Arragón has achieved the “Best of Valdepeñas” designation, standing out among all the proposals included in the D.O. Valdepenas.
This edition has been a record one, since 43 Grand Gold medals have been awarded, 1.685 Gold and 1.294 Silver, with Italy, Spain and Portugal occupying the top three positions. The objective of the contest is to promote the quality and commercialization of the wines presented, as well as offering a forum for producers, winegrowers, importers and consumers. In this way, it is possible to compare different proposals that will facilitate purchase decisions for professionals and private clients.
On the other hand, the Berliner Wein Trophy has also set its sights on the wines of Bodegas Fernando Castro, awarding us a total of 6 gold medals. In this 26th edition, the winners have been Montecruz Gran Reserva D.O. Cariñena twice, Mar de Flores Pinot Noir, Castillo de Santa Bárbara Crianza D.O. La Mancha with two medals, and, finally, Montecruz Gran Selección D.O. Valdepenas. Without any doubt, our wines are once again a benchmark in quality, as they have been recognized one more time in this distinguished competition that is endorsed by the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) and the International Union of Oenologists (UIOE).
For 11 consecutive days, nearly a hundred wine experts have tasted and evaluated the 8.000 samples that arrived from 40 countries. The winning wines, in addition to obtaining their corresponding medal, achieve a new way of dissemination and promotion through the different actions and events that the firm promotes throughout the world.
In the words of our manager, “what for wine consumers can be a valid sign to determine their purchases, for our Winery it means recognition for our constant work and effort.”

Vinos premiados Mundus Wini Y Berliner Wein Thropy
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