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The current state of the vineyards

Hot temperatures can affect the harvest
Situación actual viñedos

In Castilla La Mancha, a significant reduction in the grape harvest is expected in all varieties due to the hot temperatures. It is predicted that the production of white varieties, the first grapes to be harvested and therefore those with a more advanced vegetative cycle, could be reduced by between 20 and 30 percent, depending on the area.

The effects of the high day and night temperatures are already visible in rainfed and irrigated vineyards, where water stress is higher because evapotranspiration is greater than the water absorbed by the plant. Direct burns can also be observed on the berries, which will increase the level of crop loss because the leaves do not protect the grapes. Consequences that will determine the next harvest.

The excessive temperature also brings ripening forward, so the grape harvest is expected to be generalised between thirty and forty days. Finally, as far as plant diseases are concerned, the heat is causing some red spider mite outbreaks; however, it is slowing down the spread of fungal diseases such as powdery mildew.

All this reflects the fact that the current state of our vineyards is going through a difficult time due to the weather, but our expert oenologists are studying on the ground the measures to be taken to reduce the impact on our crops.

How does the red spider impact on the harvest?

Low levels of this species can be beneficial to plants.
Araña roja

The red spider is a mite that lives mainly on plants in dry areas. It is very difficult to see with the naked eye, usually measuring around 0.5 mm in its adult stage.

It feeds on the cells of the plant and is a clear symptom that the plant is not receiving all the water it needs, especially due to high temperatures.

Bodegas Fernando Castro is treating this pest in the least harmful way for the plant by using non-harmful products and our experts are studying these outbreaks and the amount of red spider mites.

However, although it can be harmful to the plant, low values of this species can be beneficial to avoid other types of pests such as fungids and other species, which are much more dangerous for the harvest.

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