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Bacosol Eco wine has been available at Bodegas Fernando Castro for some time now. A healthy, ecologically produced red wine with more tannin, an intense colour, more body and structure along with more flavour and persistence that uses a fully recyclable cardboard bottle that reduces the impact we have on the environment.

This bottle has been created by the company Frugalpac, specialised in the manufacture of packaging from recycled raw materials, mainly cardboard and paper. It is a bottle made from 94% 75 cl. cardboard. The properties of the plastic material that is in contact with the wine improve the qualities of the wine and keep it cold even better than a glass bottle.

Its impact on the carbon footprint is up to 6 times lower than a glass bottle and plastic bottles made entirely from recyclable materials. Although it does contain plastic inside, it contains 77% less plastic than normal, with a total of 35g.

Supermarkets and large food companies are beginning to opt for this type of product. The advantages are many, they have the same price as a glass bottle, are lighter in weight, more resistant and reduce the carbon footprint.

It has an easy structure that allows the separation of the materials and to be able to recycle separately the plastic material and the cardboard of the bottle.

Bacosol Eco cardboard bottle is one of the wines that will mark a work dynamic and set a roadmap for our winery.

step one

Click on the mark to open the cardboard

botella Bacosol imagen 1
step two

Separates the cardboard’s packaging from the plastic

Segundo paso botella Bacosol
step three

Separate the two materials and recycle it

Resultado final botella bacosol
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