Attractive and bright purple cherry dress. Intense fruity aroma with balsamic. On mouth, sweet tannins and a balanced acidity stand out, a very pleasant red wine.

Rice courses, pasta, cold-cuts, smoked meat and salads.Serving Temperature: 14 °C – 16 °C.

TYPE: Red Wine

QUALITY LEVEL:  Varietal wine

GRAPE: Tempranillo | Syrah

ALCOHOL: 12,50%


 VOLATILE ACIDITY:  < 0,60 gr/l

 TOTAL SO2< 150 mgr/l


ALLERGENS: Contains Sulphites


Moving Parts Quad Red Blend -30% Shiraz (old vines), 25%Carignan (very old vines), 25% Grenache – deeper in intensity with more oak and natural sweetness from the old vines +20% of Cabernet Sauvignon barrels.


This wine is well colored, some reproach it for its rusticity, but worked intelligently, it is generous and powerful at the same time. Pepper, cherry, blackberry, banana, raspberry, almond, prunes and violet are all the aromas that this grape gives off…. Mainly cultivated in Languedoc, and in majority, it is used in blends in the AOP of Languedoc and Roussillon.

Carignan appreciates dry and infertile land.

The young Carignans plantations at less than 30 years old have a high yield, do not easily reach phenolic maturity, giving basic and low quality wines.

Those over the age of 30 produce better wine. Carignan vines can live for more than 100 years. Sadly, there are not many of, so old vineyards any more, The yield is so low, can be 10 times less than other varieties and younger vines, difficult to justify economically its existence, so many of them are just abandoned or pulled out and replanted with other more commercial varieties.

Three of our parcels have been planted in 1900, and others between the first and second World Wars… this precious part is giving to our blend , apart from incredible taste quality, it fills up the wine of history!


Syrah is a variety of grapes renowned for its ability to produce red wines that are spicy, full bodied, powerful, aromatic and age well.

Our Syrah is coming from the central part of Roussillon, South of France, region Roussillon making a border with Spain, planted high in the hills around 300m over sea altitude on the unique soil of the Mika Schiste on the Blue Granite.

Our vineyard is composed of many small parcels positioned on the terraces surrounded by old dry stone walls. Each of them has its own exposition, age of vine (from 25 to 50 years old) and so the maturity of grapes are different from one to the other parcel, even the are side by side…for that reason we harvest them separately , parcel by parcel and
on the optimal phenolic maturity of each of them….they are blended only after whole process of winemaking and aging, just before bottling


These 25% Grenache Noir, are coming from one small family property based between Pzenas and Agde by the river Herault (same name for the region) discovered by Antic Greecs, and known as the first planted vineyards, followed by Romans Empire, who have spread vine cultivation in all France….

Hand picked though very old vines over 50 years old, and planted in Goblet on the soil strewn with stone pebbles ( the old way of planting because this variety has the characteristic of an extreme rigidity, it supports all the winds and does not need the artificial support) so no machine can pass through these dense rows… As a mono variety wine, vinified in the traditional way in this old winery, helped by ancestral machines, You can imagine yourself in a museum, far from new winemaking equipment …after the AF in concrete tanks, pressings is made by en old mechanic press from the beginning of last century, but it still works…like a Swiss watch!

Soft and juicy wine, with cherry stone on the end palette, made a
beautiful harmony with spicy and licoricey aromas from Shiraz parcel

25% cabernet sauvignon

With its red fruits, peppery and a hint of green pepper, rich in structure, brings us complexity to the blend and a word, a complete wine.

As typical for Bordeaux vineyards, our Cabernet Sauvignon is growing in South-West Aude, around Medieval City and his Castle Carcassonne, on the clay and limestone soil, vigorous and modern young plantation (15-20 years), with an attentively low trek, gives us this freshness and strong character.

Everything is done mechanically, working in the vineyard, harvesting, vinified in the ultra-modern wave with the latest innovative equipment. The only wink is its aging in traditional Bordeaux barrels and that of 7-8 months.