Light straw yellow colour with greenish hue and fruit aromas. Round and lignering in mouth, well balanced.

Any kind of fishes and seafood.Serving Temperature: 8 °C – 10 °C.

TYPE: young white wine

QUALITY LEVEL: Varietal wine

GRAPE: Sauvignon Blanc | Chardonnay

ALCOHOL: 11,50%


 VOLATILE ACIDITY:  0,20 – 0,50 gr/l

 TOTAL SO2< 150 mgr/l


ALLERGENS: Contains Sulphites

MOVING PARTS white in bag in box

Three different grapes from three different wine regions, from one of the largest wine regions in the world.


The grapes come from the south of the Roussillon region, which borders France and Spain.

With a slate-based ground, the vineyard is located at the top of the Les Alberes mountain range, at the end of the Pyrenees, close to the Mediterranean Sea.

By continuously exposing to the sun, the vineyards are arranged in a southeast direction, cool at night. With a typical Mediterranean climate and influence of the sea.

Harvesting at night is done mechanically, directly pressing without destemming.

Condensation is carried out at a temperature below 10°C in stainless steel tanks for 24 hours. Alcohol fermentation is carried out at a temperature of 14°C to 15°C for 10 days.

Age the brew in its own barrel for 3 months, shaking it regularly 3 times a week. Add fresh white peaches and some minerals.


This variety comes from Gascony, located at the foothills of the Central Pyrenees and in the southwest of France.

It has typical clay-limestone soil and continental climate.

The harvest period is carried out at night during the potential alcohol maturity in order to preserve the original aroma and acidity of this variety. Nitrogen ice bars are added to preserve the oxygen in the grapes.

Through a stainless steel sedimentation tank, sedimentation can be completed in less than 10°C and 24 hours.

Alcohol fermentation needs to be carried out for 10 days at a temperature of 14ºC – 15ºC.

After the AF process is completed, after 24 hours of cold settling, add lemon and lime juice, as well as some sweet grapefruit juice, to increase the final taste of bitterness.


Coming from the north of Minervois, located in the Black Mountains, influenced by the French Central Massif.

Due to the ground being limestone, the vineyard is located in the south.

Harvest season is done at a potential alcohol level of 14° – 14.5° to obtain the flavors of honey and ripe pear, with a hint of apricot aroma.

500 liters of alcoholic fermentation in oak barrels from the United States and France, with a temperature of 16-18°C.

Partial malolactic fermentation takes place in barrels (35% of the total volume), with 6 months of ageing.

Stir two to three times a week, add rich honey and golden kiwi fragrance, as well as the aroma of dried fruit.

These three parts come from three different wine regions of one of the world’s largest wine regions.