Attractive and bright purple cherry dress. Intense fruity aroma with balsamic. On mouth, sweet tannins and a balanced acidity stand out, a very pleasant red wine.

Rice courses, pasta, cold-cuts, smoked meat and salads.Serving Temperature: 14 °C – 16 °C.

TYPE: Red Wine

QUALITY LEVEL:  Varietal wine

GRAPE: Tempranillo | Syrah

ALCOHOL: 12,50%


 VOLATILE ACIDITY:  < 0,60 gr/l

 TOTAL SO2< 150 mgr/l


ALLERGENS: Contains Sulphites


A delicious blend of four grape varieties with a perfect balance.


With good color, generous and powerful to the palate.

With aromas of Pepper, Cherry, Blackberry, Banana, Raspberry, Almond, Raisins and Violet.

Grown in Languedoc, mainly used in AOP blends from the Languedoc and Rousillon areas. Carignan is typical of areas with dry and infertile soils.

The resulting wines from Carignan plantations less than 30 years old are basic and of low quality, they do not easily reach phenolic maturity. Vineyards over 30 years old have the ability to create better wines. They can live more than 100 years, but because it is economically unsustainable, there are no vineyards so old. They are usually abandoned or even uprooted and replanted in other plantations.

Since 1900 we have 3 of our parcels dedicated to this variety of Grape, and subsequently, between the First and Second World Wars, we have planted others. This type of grape not only offers quality and taste to the blend, but also brings history.


The Syrah grape is famous for producing spicy, highly aromatic wines that age well over time.

This variety of grapes comes from the central part of Rousillon, located in the south of France, bordering Spain.

The vineyards are planted in Mika Schiste in the Blue Granite, at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level.

They are divided into several plots located on terraces, with ancient stone walls. Due to this, each of the plots has different vine ages (between 25 and 50 years), different sun exposure and ripening time.

The grapes are harvested according to the phenolic maturity of each of the plots. When the vinification and aging process is finished, they are added to the blend at the time of bottling.


Grapes of the Garnacha variety come from the area near the Herault River, between Pzenas and Agde, on a small family property. Discovered by ancient Greeks, the area is said to be known for having the first vineyards planted. This custom was spread by the Romans throughout France.

Hand-harvested in vineyards over 50 years old, and planted in a bowl in the soil with rounded stones (the old way of harvesting, since this variety has extreme rigidity, withstands all kinds of winds and does not need any artificial support).

The harvest is done by hand in vineyards over 50 years old. Planted in a bowl in the soil that has rounded stones, this ancient custom of planting is due to the fact that this variety has an extreme rigidity, strong to all kinds of winds and does not require any artificial support.

As a single-varietal wine, vinified in the traditional way and helped by ancestral machines, you can feel like you’re in a museum. Vinified in the traditional way and helped by ancestral machines, it is a real wine museum.

After finishing the AF process in concrete deposits, pressing is done in an old mechanical press from last century.

Soft and juicy wine, with cherry bone at the end of the palate, a beautiful harmony with spicy and liqueur aromas.


Aromas of red fruits, pepper and a hint of green pepper. It is rich in structure and provides complexity to the blend.

From the Bordeaux region, the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grow in the Southwest of Aude, near the Medieval City and the Carcassonne castle. With clayey soil and limestone, our young plantation of 15 to 20 years old gives us this freshness and strong character.

Aging in traditional Bordeaux barrels for 7 to 8 months and vinified with the latest technologies and innovative equipment.