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Bodegas Fernando Castro founded in 1850, is the oldest winery in Castilla la Mancha under the direction of the same family. The Castro family began producing white and red wines from grapes of their own vineyards in Santa Cruz de Mudela, using the inherent artisanal and traditional methods of the area.

Since 1895, Bodegas Fernando Castro has been present in the most important points of the national territory, thanks to the well-known “Wine Train”, and later through its own transport network, gaining the confidence of the large purchasing centers.

With an unbeatable geographical situation, being in the center of Spain and nerve center of the Valdepeñas Denomination of Origin, its products reach any point of the geography. This location has facilitated the expansion of its market to more than 70 countries.

Currently, two generations of the Castro family work together, having the invaluable support of leading professionals who have contributed in the winemaking, aging and marketing of our wines, having for that purpose modern, sound and functional facilities.


The desire to meet the clients´ need in design, quality, manufacturing and delivery time, have made this company stand out among its direct competitors in the sector.

The constant growth of the winery, with its five production plants, demonstrates the high potential of this company.

With over 20 000 m2, Bodegas Fernando Castro has:

  • An area of reception, processing and maintenance
  • Controlled temperature areas for ageing with 7.000 barrels capacity
  • Processing plant for still wines
  • 3 bottling plants for still wines
  • Bottling plant for sparkling wines
  • 2 bag-in-box packing plants

Our modern, comfortable and functional facilities allow making wines combining current techniques with traditional practices.

Bodegas Fernando Castro works on the quality management of its products. We have been recognized by the most prestigious certification companies: IFS, BRC, American FDA, Appellation of Origin Valdepeñas, Appellation of Origin La Mancha, Protected geographical Indication Tierra de Castilla winemaking certificate, vegan and organic wines.

The whole production process undergoes a thoroughly analysis by the team of technicians: the vegetative cycle of the vines, the harvest, the winemaking process and even the use of the different types of oak for aging wines.

Always alert to the new tastes of consumers, and to the possibility of making wines according to channels and markets, Bodegas Fernando Castro is committed to a customized offer as the key to success in today’s wine market.

In the last decade it has expanded its product range to new and emerging sectors such as sparkling wines, alcohol-free, Kosher wines, organic wines and even sangria, guaranteeing in these new products the same levels of quality and service.

Our wines have been awarded in the most prestigious national and international competitions such as Berliner Wein Thropy, Mundus Vini, Asia Wine Trophy, Sakura Awards or the Best Wine-in-Box in France. Each medal obtained is our impetus for moving forward with a tireless and unflagging spirit.


Bodegas Fernando Castro is located in the heart of the Protected Designation of Origin Valdepeñas. Nestled on the southern edge of the Iberian plateau and clearly delimited by the plains of La Mancha to the north, the fields of Montiel to the east, those of Calatrava to the west and Sierra Morena to the south, Santa Cruz de Mudela preserves the cultural heritage and the culinary traditions of La Mancha.

In this region, there are abundant limestone, sandy loam and yellowish-red clay soils. This continental climate lands can exceed the maximum temperatures of 40 ° C and the minimum temperatures of -10 ° C, and even lower, with an annual average of 16 ° C.

Viticulturalists by family tradition, Bodegas Fernando Castro has 380 hectares of vineyards, located around the Finca Los Altos, personally supervised by the Castro Family. Its wines express the personality of a unique region. Located at 705 meters above sea level, the soils are poor in organic matter and low fertility, ideal circumstance for grape growing.

With over 2,500 hours of sunshine a year, these climatic characteristics enhance the ripening of the grape, resulting in a wine production having greater color intensity, optimal structure and aromatic power.

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