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At Bodegas Fernando Castro, we celebrate five new medals for our wines before ending the year

Medalla de oro raices
vinos premiados

Three medals (2 gold and 1 silver) were achieved after our participation on the summer tasting of the most important independent wine competition in the world, the last edition of the Berliner Wine Trophy, held in Berlin between this autumn.

The wines awarded with gold medal were Castillo de Santa Bárbara viejo and Raíces VI Generación, while the silver one went to Santinio blanco. It should be noted that our Raíces has been giving us great joy in recent competitions, as it also won the gold medal at the prestigious Mundus Vini wine contest.

In parallel to the German trophy, we have achieved two gold medals for Castillo Santa Bárbara crianza and Raíces reserva after participating in the Asia Wine Trophy 2021 contest, held in Mid-November during the Daejong International Wine Festival in South Corea.

The German wine competition is a contest where only 30% of the participating wines have received the medal award. About 170 experts from around the world have tasted more than 6,000 wines from up to 38 countries for ten consecutive days.

More than 4,300 wines were registered in the Asian competition, with more than 140 members of the jury from around the world, who taste and evaluate wines from more than 30 countries.

Raíces VI Generación highlighted for an intense aroma with notes of spices, smoked and berries, being pleasant on the palate and, after a minimum aging period of 24 months, of which 6 months remains in oak barrels, it gives a beautiful burgundy, clean and bright red color.

Castillo Santa Bárbara viejo shined due to its long aging period in oak barrels, offering a dark cherry color with a pomegranate shine. Its aroma has notes of candied fruit and blue berries with noble woody notes.

Santinio blanco excelled for its light yellow color with green tones, very bright, having intensity on the nose, with aromas of fruit and citrus notes. It is tasty and fruity, pleasant on the palate and very balanced.

Raíces reserve, a classic medal winner, is a well-structured wine, unctuous and tasty wine, with a long and round mid palate. A great option for grilled or roasted meats. In addition, the Castillo de Santa Bárbara Crianza has also been awarded with the gold, which stands out for its beautiful ruby color, clean and bright, with a tile-colored rim, as well as for being balanced, with tasty tannin and long-lasting aftertaste.

Five very special wines to enjoy every Christmas moment.

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