Our wines in bag in box packaging

Boxed wine, or “Bag in Box” wines, offers an easy and cost-effective way to enjoy quality wine. Instead of being bottled in glass, these wines are sold in cardboard boxes with a plastic or aluminum bag inside that holds the wine. The bag is connected to a tap, so to serve the wine, you simply open the box and press the tap.

One of the main benefits of boxed wine is its convenience and simplicity. No need to open a glass bottle or use a corkscrew – it’s the perfect choice for picnics, barbecues, or any other outdoor activities.

With no cork to worry about, you can enjoy fresh, high-quality wine for a longer period of time without worrying about it going “oxidized” or “spoiled.”

Boxed wine is also more affordable than bottled wine. This is because the production and distribution process is cheaper, which results in a lower price for the consumer.

By eliminating the need for packaging and transportation of glass bottles, the environmental impact of these wines is also reduced.

At Bodegas Fernando Castro, we are committed to innovation and offer different types of packaging for our wines.