Brilliant Success at Mundus Vini: Bodegas Fernando Castro wines triumph the awards

Brilliant Success at Mundus Vini: Bodegas Fernando Castro wines triumph the awards

The passion and tireless commitment to winemaking excellence have once again produced spectacular results for Bodegas Fernando Castro at the most recent edition of Mundus Vini. This prestigious international competition has not only recognised, but also crowned the efforts of this winery, awarding their wines a series of awards that reaffirm their place on the global wine scene.


In this edition of Mundus Vini, the jury of experts, tasters and oenologists gathered to evaluate and celebrate the diversity of expressions and styles that wines from around the world have to offer. Among the multitude of outstanding labels, the wines of Bodegas Fernando Castro took a special place, proving that winemaking tradition combined with innovation is a winning formula.


The results of Mundus Vini are not only cause for celebration, but also a validation of their commitment to quality and the passion they put into every bottle that leaves their facilities. The wines stood out:


– Gold Medal for our Castillo Santa Bárbara Reserva.

– Gold Medal for our Raíces Crianza.

– Silver Medal for our Finca Loa Altos Gran Reserva.


Each medal is a testament to the collective effort that leads to the creation of wines that are not only appreciated, but also internationally recognised.

Discover the range of wines that have captivated the palates of international experts and enjoy the magic of Bodegas Fernando Castro in every sip.

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