Chocolate is probably the most extraordinary product of pastry. It has such a strong personality than any dessert that has chocolate, the other components gravitate around and there is hardly anyone who can dispute the role.

However much it may surprise you, wine and chocolate are natural partners and form important part in the world of gastronomy.

Raices Reserva
The chocolate has very complex flavors but also has simple, common or similar shades, so their marriage should follow the same guidelines that we must consider the pairing wine with other foods.

We anticipate that the task is neither clear nor simple, much depends on the taste of each person, but the pairing can be achieved if we follow a few simple rules that lead to the results we are looking for; which is that of pairing chocolate with a good wine.

The first step is to understand the relationship between the two products:

Red wines will bring the flavors of red fruits and spices.

White wines accompany with white chocolate and citrus fruits.

Aged wines give a special touch of wood, vanilla, coffee, snuff, etc.

One option to test this Christmas is milk chocolate and Estate Reserve. The acidity of Estate Book makes harmonize especially with small ounces of milk chocolate, because the contrast is much greater than if maridamos with pure chocolate, we can be more tasteless. This is a very attractive combination, where we establish a very appealing combination between a certain weight in wine notes of wood, which are enhanced in an explosion in the mouth, without letting either expired products altogether.