Designation of origin is the geographical name of the region, area, place or locality used to designate a product from the vine, wine or spirits of the respective area having differential qualities and traits due mainly to the natural environment and its development and upbringing.

It is understood that a geographical name region, area, place or locality is used to designate a product from its origin, when it reaches permanently wide dissemination and knowledge in national and international market.

Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) is the system used in Spain for the recognition of differentiated quality and result of differential characteristics, due to the geographical environment in which the raw materials are produced, the products are made, and the influence the human factor involved in them.

     To summarize, the main requirements to contemplate a wine within a denomination of origin are:
     The quality and characteristics are essentially or exclusively due to its geographical origin, with its inherent human and cultural factors.
     100% of the grapes come exclusively from the production area.
     Its development takes place within the geographical area.
     It is obtained from strains isolated varieties belonging to Vitis vinifera.