Wine labels have mostly they describe a mandatory information (Objective) that usually exceptions and regulations of some countries, are:

the Brand
     Type of Wine
     Volume percentage of alcohol
     net Content
     Designation of Origin
     Address of the bottling winery
     Origin of Wine

As seen, the mandatory information that leads a wine label has to do only with respect to the object itself. To make this demonstration, we can compare the identity of an individual, because the information there is simply exposed information of quantitative data and not his nature, his character, tastes, etc.

However, the labels contain other information having to do with the purely subjective side, including:

     Enological description on the back label (Aroma, Taste and Vista)
     Processing characteristics as "noble aging wine, the result of ..."
     Proper consumption temperature
     Dining with protruding taste, Ex. Recommendations "... Ideal with red meats and hard cheeses, etc."

So far we have analyzed the subjective and objective wine labels hand, from the point of view of manufacturers (Wineries). Especially in the subjective to be taken as a mere guide, as most will describe their wines as "Balanced", "Aterciopelados", etc.

This is where we get into the factors that influence each person (wine consumers), which obviously we are markedly influenced by the labels, which is why 90% of professional wine tastings are done blind.

Deciding to buy a wine for objectivity can be a big mistake for the marriage we want to do, so it is necessary in our decision knowing the label information, as to know the producer hold, if a fine wine or table or region of origin, are things that will give us certain parameters on the final choice.

It is so fundamental that subjective information reflect as closely as possible the subjective feelings of the generality of people taking a certain wine. This will produce a multiplier effect on sales of the product and the consumer, reinforcing in his mind of the producing winery, which often continue to buy him wine due to the synergy product have found that really was what he claimed to be label.