The harvest is the process of harvesting the grapes for winemaking. The start time of the harvest, is determined by the ripeness of the grapes, as we have seen, is crucial for the features and quality of the final product.

The time to start vintage decides not random, but depends on the type of wine to develop, affecting factors such as sugar, acid and polyphenol content.
The harvesting period depends hemisphere function, being between February and April in the southern hemisphere and between August and October in the Northern Hemisphere.
This process can be done in two ways: Manual or Mechanical in any of the two cases provided the utmost care the fruit is guaranteed, so get to hold always in top condition.
The winegrowers of ValdepeƱas pays attention to the fruit, therefore, during the vintage vendimiar always avoided in the warmer hours of the day to prevent the onset of fermentation.
After harvesting, all clusters rely on containers not too deep, so that the grapes arrive whole; transported as quickly as possible to the winery, to avoid unwanted fermentation or maceration.
Already in Egyptian inscriptions are vintage performances and treading wine presses. Therefore, the Vintage has always been a cause for celebration and an important time in the calendar.