Pairing is the harmonious relationship between wine and food that accompany it. The basic rules of marriage are:

Soups and Consommés: With the broth, often served a light, fresh red and with a red wine soups stronger fuller and 16 ° C. (Should be considered aromatizing soup ingredient. If soup or broth contains a wine is advisable to go with this).
Vegetables: Always with a light, fresh red or white wine between 7 ° C and 10 ° C.
Seafood: What they're doing better is a white, dry and light, which has slowly cooled in the fridge. If the fish is oily, with a light or medium-bodied red.
Bird: If they are roasted, combine them with a cool pink; but, if cooked with sauce, you better go white. With poultry (chicken or turkey) wine mark him lining, if this is simple opt for a light red. At best duck you will go with a white body.
Meat: Pink and red are the best choice. For hunting, choose a full-bodied red wine and serve about 18 ° C.
Dessert: With a sweet wine such as sherry, or Oporto always will guess right.
The foam can be an excellent aperitif or wine upon arrival. If you want to give that touch of class you can substitute white wine perfectly.