One of the big differences between wines and others, lies in the grapes that have been developed. We could say that grape varieties there are "thousands" but when the appropriate wine grapes is concerned, the number is reduced to a few hundred. Anecdotally, in the ampelographic Museum of Madrid, has a collection of nearly 3000 varieties, making it the first in importance of our country and the third in the world.

Bodegas Fernando Castro know that the personality of wine is marked by the variety of the vine and the selection of grapes in the process of collection and processing. We grow over 12 different grape varieties, allowing the development of varietal and coupages stylish and original personality, perfect to taste a different wine for each occasion.

Within our farms the Variety Airen and White, Cencibel or Tempranillo Tinto are the most important, since centuries cultivation is present on this earth. It is true that in recent decades have added new grape varieties, that after the relevant studies have demonstrated a high adaptability to the general conditions of the production area.

White Grapes

Airen. Wine clean and bright pale straw color, sometimes with a golden hue and rarely greenish or steely. Aromas of medium to good intensity with clear fruit tones that clearly remember the apple or banana and sometimes with faint hints of almond and wild flowers. A dry mouth or something are doomed, light body, with little extract, acid not very fresh flavor.

Macabeo. Demonstrates an aromatic potential than traditional Airen. In our region is considered very convenient for both still wines and for sparkling wines, its slow oxidation makes these very appropriate wines for aging in wood. The wine is pale and light with hints of green fruit.

Chardonnay. Gives rise to elegant wines with significant aromatic potential and very fine, pale yellow, with characteristic tropical primary aromas. These are wines with good body and structure well suited to ferment in oak, with great body and structure. We suggest that the grape comes with a high degree Baume because it loses much of its fragrance and finesse.

Sauvignon Blanc. It is considered the finest variety after Chardonnay, known for its strong aromatic potential wine, reminiscent of freshly cut grass. You must be developed with the intention of obtaining a not very alcoholic product and thus develop their full potential and good qualities, resulting in wines with appreciable acidity, nice yellow straw.

Moscatel de Grano Menudo. Its main difference from other moscateles is the small size of the grape. Wines are noted for their high aromatic potential, reminiscent of flowers and fruits. It has good aptitude for mixing with other less aromatic varieties.

I Verdejo. It is distinguished by its pleasantly wild flavors and fruit at a time, with a certain structure on the palate, finishing with a slightly bitter finish, but with a background of sweetness that gives the wine its distinctive personality.

Red Grapes

Cencibel. It is within landraces the most suitable for aging wines of great quality. It has proven very valid for young wines when they are developed for this purpose, versatility also makes it excellent for pink.

Garnacha. It is a variety that is primarily aimed at preparing young wines and rosé because it generally predominate over tannins anthocyanins, resulting not suitable for aging, unless blended with other red varieties. The resulting wine has aromas of fine sweetness with hints of ripe red fruit and flowers.

Cabernet Sauvignon. Ideal for aging wine variety for good structure behave with high total acidity and very noticeable tannin wealth, resulting in wines of intense violet color and pungent aromas and go.

Merlot. They are high quality wines that cupage with other varieties of our denomination of origin can improve, especially with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cencibel. The varieties are elegant with beautiful raspberry tones, aromas reminiscent of almonds, with a pitch of clean mouth.

Syrah. Variety of excellent wines which are obtained in our denomination of origin, are dense balanced and durable, with complex aromas of rich in nuances, your palate is elegant perceiving certain astringency that does not hinder your enjoyment.

Petit Verdot. It's good variety to blend than participating only 10% of the blend highlights the aromas, color, acid and tannin wines.