Developing a Kosher wine involves strict control of raw materials and supervising the entire process by a rabbi.

With more than 500,000 bottles, Bodegas Fernando Castro expands its commercial horizons, thanks to Kosher Wine bottling. With this latest release, the company joins the select group of Spanish wineries to bottle this wine and give response to a market growth of approximately 20% worldwide, whose main focuses are: United States, France and Israel .

This method of production known Kosher describes precisely, that food is "adequate", "clean" and "compliant". The entire process of cultivation, care of the vines, harvesting, processing, breeding and even bottling must be supervised by a qualified person, usually the rabbi.

Some of the conditions that must be met are that the vineyard must have a minimum age of four years; Vintage has to be manual, and scrupulous selective, accepting only healthy, whole and optimal ripening grapes; Rabbi can perform only manipulation and pressing, the wine can only be made in stainless steel. The bottles must be new and supervised manufacturing Rabbi marked with the Kosher label attesting to their development.

Actually, the Kosher wine has no important differences in their processing techniques or varieties, the importance lies in the testing and certification of Rabbi wine has met the requirements for making Kosher.